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TU Berlin

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Dr.-Ing. Bernd Muschard




Phone: +49 (0)30 314 - 24457

Room: PTZ 340

Filed of Research

  • Industry 4.0
  • Sustainable Value Creation
  • Generative/Additive Manufacturing
  • MakerSpaces/FabLabs
  • Learning tools (Learnstruments)

Current Projects and Responsibilities

Bragecrim – Brazilian German Collaborative Research Initiative in Manufacturing Technology

  • Development of Learnstruments for ensuring the transition of Brazilian and German manufacturing companies to Industry 4.0 (DFG/CARPES)

CEID - Circular Economy Initiative Deutschland (acatech/BMBF) Link

  • Roadmap for a sustainable circular economy!

Circular Crowd Production Platform (Projektpartner) - Climate Kic (EU)

Digi-Hand - Wissenschaftsjahr 2018 (BMBF) Link

  • 3-D-printing - print a spare part on site

BilRess - Bildung für Ressourcenschonung (BMBF, VDI, IZT) Link

  • Platform for key players within and outside the education system, for the anchoring of resource education in the various education sectors (school education; vocational training; higher education; further education) and beyond in politics, business, social partners and civil society.

MakerSpace for Sustainable Manufacturing Link

  • The "MakerSpace for Sustainable Manufacturing" is an open development workshop that offers employees and students of TU Berlin access to production technologies and production knowledge for "one of a kind" production.

Teaching activities

  • Lecturer of the GPE-module "Additive Manufacturing"

Completed Projects and Responsibilities

Collaborative Research Centre 1026: Sustainable Manufacturing – Shaping Global Value Creation 

  • C5: Learnstruments in Value Creation Networks

Project description

  • PA: Public Awareness 

  • CubeFactory


V. Guzmán and M. Gerolamo and B. Muschard (2019). Characteristics and Skills of Leadership in the Context of Industry 4.0. Procedia Manufacturing

B. Muschard and J. Bonvoisin (2019). CubeFactory 2 – an Off-Grid and Circular 3D-Printing Mini-Factory. Journal of open hardware

J. Menn and B. Muschard and B. Schumacher and F. Sieckmann and H. Kohl and G. Seliger (2018). Learnstruments: Learning-conducive artefacts to foster learning productivity in production engineering. CIRP Annals, 459-462.

P. Esdras and O. Chaim and D. Braatz and B. Muschard and H. Rozenfeld (2018). Exploring gamification to support manufacturing education on industry 4.0 as an enabler for innovation and sustainability. Procedia Manufacturing, 438-445.

C. Omar and B. Muschard and E. Cazarini and H. Rozenfeld (2018). Insertion of sustainability performance indicators in an industry 4.0 virtual learning environment. Procedia Manufacturing, 446-453.

N. Carvalho and E. Cazarini and K. Esposto and B. Muschard (2017). 'Fourth Industrial Revolution: Key perspectives and opportunities for skills and abilities development'. 1stISSC 4.0 International Symposium on Supply Chain 4.0 - Trends, Challenges and Opportunities from 4thIndustrial Revolution, 85-87.

I. Roeder and W. Wang and B. Muschard (2017). Inducing Behavioral Change in Society Through Communication and Education in Sustainable Manufacturing. Sustainable Production, Life Cycle Engineering and Management. Springer.

B. Muschard and G. Seliger (2015). Realization of a Learning Environment to Promote Sustainable Value Creation in Areas with Insufficient Infrastructure. 5th Conference on Learning Factories - Procedia CIRP, 70-75.

S. Heyer and N. Nishino and B. Muschard and G. Seliger (2014). Enabling of local value creation via openness for emergent synthesis. International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, 1489-1493.

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