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European Engineering Teams - Erasmus+


Project Summary

The globalized European environment is faced by the challenge to meet the continuously growing worldwide demand for capital and consumer goods by simultaneously ensuring a sustainable evolvement of human existence. A worldwide increase in wealth based on current technologies with their consumption of resources will exceed every accountable social, environmental and economic bound. The manufacturing industry accounts for approximately 16% of global GDP and 14% of the total employment. A strong manufacturing industry can thus be the cornerstone of a Sustainable Development in Europe. Young entrepreneurial engineers motivated to set up sustainable initiatives have to be identified and trained in European universities. They will hence gain the knowledge and skills to expand sustainable engineering to competitive innovations for empowering a global sustainable development.

Mobility, multi-locality, and transnational migration are current social developments among the population of the EU induced by the dynamic European economy. The human cohabitation within the European society will become more and more characterized by intercultural and cross-border interactions between the European citizens. This development can be already observed within the activities of European companies. Cross-border project work between different sites as well as transnational cooperation are essential for ensuring the competitiveness in an increasing globalization. Engineers are not only required to have state-of-the-art technical knowledge, but also to apply it in international teams. They have to work with colleagues, suppliers, and clients from different cultural backgrounds, operate as part of a team, and master the challenges of virtual cooperation in specific engineering tasks and within international value chains.

Motivated by these needs of today’s globalized European society, a multidisciplinary and intercultural team of master students from four European universities, so-called European Engineering Team (EET), will work together on a joint research project aiming for a sustainable technological innovation. The innovation will be subsequently transferred into a sustainable startup established by the team of master students.

The European Engineering Team copes with the challenge of sustainability in engineering science and strongly fosters entrepreneurial thinking. Consequently, this master module provides the competencies required in a dynamic European economy by developing skills for working across disciplines, borders, and cultures in the area of tension between new technologies, social change, ecological responsibility and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The partner universities will develop a new course curriculum for the EET based on an innovative teaching and learning approaches. A MOOC about Sustainable Engineering will essentially supplement the EET by supporting the development of the required methodical- and professional-competencies of the master students. In order to effectively disseminate the results of the project to internal and external stakeholders, a guideline for planning and implementing interdisciplinary and transnational teaching and learning activities will be developed including the necessary collaboration infrastructure.


Source: EET - Erasmus+

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